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Waste water treatment

Coagulants and flocculants

In the purification of industrial and domestic waste water coagulation and flocculation are important steps. These steps are responsible to create a good flocculation of the macroscopic particles which increases the efficiency and rate of the sedimentation. For an optimal process the choice of the proper coagulant and flocculants is of great importance. There is a wide variety in these products based on the type of charge (anionic or cationic), the charge density and the average molecule weight of the polymer. The efficiency of coagulant-flocculants is strongly influenced by the kind and composition of the waste water.
To test the efficiency of the coagulant-flocculants a jar test is commonly used. With the commonly used "jar test"  it is possible to determine the right product and the optimal dose.

Our products for waste water treatment u can find in the 900-serie.

AQUATREAT 912 as solution for preventing floating sludge

Some species of gram positive bacteria e.g. Microtrhix, Nocardia, are capable of stabilizing the boundary surface of air and water. These stabilized gas bubbles with a layer of thread-forming bacteria and sludge rise to the surface forming a floating sludge. This is the main reason for the presence of floating sludge in industrial and domestic waste water plants. Floating sludge will lead to problems in the aerator and the sedimentation tank.  There are a number of factors that will influence the development of thread-forming bacteria, in particular, low to very low loaded systems, variations in the composition of the waste water and the presence of oils and fats.


One of the most common gram-positive thread –forming bacteria is Microthrix Parvicella. This bacteria is not easily prevented in these systems. AQUATREAT 912 has already proven his efficiency to prevent the formation of floating sludge due to these thread-forming bacteria.
The high charge density of AQUATREAT 912 creates an excellent flocculation of the sludge. This results in heavy molecules no longer capable of floating on the water surface. AQUATREAT 912 not only prevents the sludge from floating on the surface but also reduces the sludge volume.

AQUATREAT 912 is a safe product without any metals, isn’t harmful for environment and works quick and efficient without pH-change in contrast with classic alternatives like PAX, polyaluminium sulphates or ironchloride-aluminium sulphate.

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