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Research and Development  

AQUATREAT invests constantly in resarch and development to make it possible to create new and better products for use in water treatment.

AQUATREAT is constantly is search for products that:
 - Burden the environment as little as possible

 - As secure and safe as possible for the user and the environment

 - To realize the most effective treatment for the user
 - Easy to monitor and control

Research and Development plays an integral role in the life cycle of our products. The voices of our customers, distributors and the market are transformed into high-performance, greener solutions.

As an example of this, Aquatreat 202 is developed as the all-in-one solution for cooling water treatment without the use of any biocides or agressive products.  Our Probiotic Research Program aims to investigate the effect of Aquatreat 202 on the biochemical dynamics of the cooling system: biofilm prevention and removal, solids suspension and protection against corrosion.

For this we count with the latest information, pilot testing equipment and we collaborate with international research institutions
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