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- 140kWp solar panels provide electricity for all buildings
- Storage of exess energy in Lithium iron phosphate batteries
- Off the grid smart energy system
- Certified zero energy offices, facing the north side
- Low energy warehouse and production facilities
- LED lighting
- Heating and cooling through geothermal energy

zonnepanelen aquatreat


- Certified zero discharge of waste water since 2001
- Collection and filtration (sand, UF, RO) of all rain water
- Natural evaporation and condensation of waste water in our own glass piramid

piramide aquatreat


- Environmental cost of new facilities in 2015 (1650m≤) remained below 500 tons of CO2
- The new building is a solid wood construction (FSC)
- Green roof
- All company cars have a CO2 emission of less than 105 g CO2/km
- We work only with the most sustainable materials and machines

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